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Being comprised of highly skilled professionals, our masterful teams have earned a reputation for turning home renovations and remodels into an art form. We are Your creative source of design coverage through all aspects of construction: from start to finish, Action Remodeling LLC places a tremendous focus on detail orientation and doing the renovation & remodeling industry proper justice.

When an existing building (residential or commercial) needs to be torn down and removed safely, Action Remodeling LLC has seasoned professionals that are skilled in deconstructing & demolishing buildings quickly and thoroughly. With safety & quality being set at the highest priority, Action Remodeling LLC has been serving the Bibb & Crawford County, Georgia area with the golden standard of excellence in creative home remodeling services. We have an "All-Star-Team" of designers, tradesman, and artisans that when added together, combine for a unique blend of skill, talent, and ingenuity.

With the tumultuous weather, we frequently experience here in Georgia, having a sound roofing system protecting your home is essential. Furthermore, with an updated roofing system (in both design & material composition) you're setting the precedent for the future in terms of energy savings, longevity, and visual appeal.

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Commercial Roofing Systems

When approaching any commercial roofing project, it is crucial to factor in the larger the scale job, the larger the probability for mishaps. Due to this, Action Remodeling LLC has acquired nearly all the top talent in roofing installation, design, and repair in order for our commercial roofing contracts to go as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Be sure to call ahead for your free consultation!

Residential Roofing Systems

Home is where the heart is, and having a roof enclosing that heart ensures it beats indefinitely! Our seasoned roofers are able to completely replace and install the entire roofing system(s) or expertly complete roofing repairs as determined by each project. Our crews are equipped with latest industry knowledge and tools to best accommodate every roofing system.

Roofing Repair | Replacement

Not every client needs a complete overhaul of their roofing system; many times, essential repairs are all that is needed in order to address their roofing issues; be it leakage, shingle/square replacement, hail damage repair or even gutter upgrades. Furthermore, often your homeowner’s insurance is able to help offset your roofing system costs.

Decking: Design | Installation

Whether we are redesigning an existing deck layout and performing important upgrades, or if the design process is just beginning on a new construction project, our certified servicemen are well versed in all facets of decking design and installation. Exclusive to Action Remodeling LLC, our design & installation process is individually catered to accommodate each client, personally.

Patio: Design | Installation

If you’re seeking to add a brand-new, custom patio to your home, you need not look any further than the proven professionals at Action Remodeling LLC to oversee your patio construction needs with our top-level craftsmanship and renowned integrity. We provide a complete site assessment, custom design, project management, and most importantly: world-class installation. Be sure to visit our gallery page and review our past accomplishments!

Sheetrock | Drywall Services

With the average wear and tear typical Georgian homes experience, drywall repairs, patches, and complete replacements are something very commonplace. Conversely, with the steady increase in new home construction, it's important to be multi-faceted and able to accommodate drywall & sheetrock services in all capacities. And here at Action Remodeling LLC, we pride ourselves on our versatility.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

Having an updated and upgraded kitchen can really add an air of sophistication to any home. Ensuring that quality craftsmanship meets cost efficiency where Action Remodeling LLC can really help you with your custom kitchen remodel! We use only choice materials and proven techniques to promote stellar quality renovations.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

With the many obstacles that are easily overlooked involved when renovating your bathroom, it’s imperative to enlist the help of our knowledgeable professionals. We offer competitive pricing as well as an unwavering attention to detail that is unmatched by any other bathroom remodelers in the greater Central Georgia region.

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